My To-Dos

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Personal and Cultural Development
Answer the "50 Questions that will Free your Mind"
Attend a music festival
Go to 10 concerts (7/10) [Florida Georgia Line; Gavin DeGraw & Matt Nathanson; Hillsong (Outcry); Jingle Ball; Ke$ha & LMFAO; One Direction; One Republic]
Go to 10 art exhibits
Learn how to say "Hello" in 10 languages
Open an Etsy store
Read at least 12 books a year
Start my own blog
Take a glass blowing class

Become a member of a church and get involved there
Buy a purity ring
Engrave my purity ring
Get baptized
Join a Christian group on campus
Memorize 10 of my favourite Bible verses
Read all books on my Christian Growth Book list
Read the entire Bible
Start a Bible Study with my girlfriends
Start "The Light that Carried Me"

Fashion and Body
Buy an American Apparel zip-up hoodie
Buy a pair of killer heels
Get properly fitted for a bra
Learn how to French braid
Order charms for each place I've traveled
Pierce my cartilage
Put charms on my charm bracelet
Whiten my teeth

Home and Garden
Clean out my closet/room and donate all unused items
Hang things in my Davis apartment
Organize my Davis room
Purge my bedroom and donate the castaways

Food and Drink
Bake 10 new desserts
Buy gourmet cupcakes for my friends
Eat 3 things I've never tried before (3/3) [bamboo; pork schnitzel; sushi]
Eat at 5 new restaurants
Have a Mexican themed roommate dinner
Keep a food journal for a month
Make 5 dinners for my friends
Make a custom recipe book with my favourite recipes
Make at least 10 recipes that I've pinned on Pinterest
Make cake pops
Make treats for my dogs
Take cooking lessons
Try 10 new restaurants in Davis

Health and Fitness
Get copies of my medical records from all of my doctors
Get in shape
Take a self defense class
Take a zumba class
Try kickboxing

Hobbies and Skills
Back up all photos
Complete a colouring book
Complete my Senior Year scrapbook
Complete my Year 1 scrapbook
Complete my Year 2 scrapbook
Complete my Year 3 scrapbook
Complete my Year 4 scrapbook
Complete my Year 5 scrapbook
Complete "Wreck this Journal" by Keri Smith
Complete "This is not a Book" by Keri Smith
Completely fill a sketchbook
Do 25 things I found on Pinterest
Make a piece of jewelry for each of my friends
Make graduation gifts for the girls
Participate in the 31 Day Picture Challenge
Participate in 60 Days of Reflection

Community Outreach
Become a military pen pal through
Create blessing bags for the homeless
Do 25 small acts of kindness for charity
Do 40 hours of community service
Donate my old dresses to the Princess Project
Donate to Locks of Love
Get involved with a foster care program
Get involved with the Cases for Kids Foundation
Participate in a charity event
Perform 5 random acts of kindness
Raise money for Habitat for Humanity trip
Send out 50 support letters for Habitat for Humanity trip
Send thank you notes for Habitat for Humanity donations
Volunteer abroad
Volunteer with the Big Brother/Big Sister program
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
Write 5 letters for Girls Love Mail

Travel and Exploration
Add a piece of bubble gum to Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo
Go on 25 day trips
Go on a trip with the girls
Go to Lake Tahoe with the girls
Go to Las Vegas with the girls
Go to the Japanese Friendship Garden
Go to the San Jose Flea Market
Go wine tasting in Napa
Study abroad or go on a missions trip
Take a road trip to LA
Visit the Ainsley House
Visit the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

Movies and Television
Spend a rainy day watching movies in my PJs
Watch 26 moves I've never seen before starting with each letter of the alphabet
Watch 25 of IMDB's Top 250 movies (I've never seen)
Watch all Best Picture Oscar winners
Watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad
Watch all 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives
Watch all Harry Potter movies in order

Create a 101 Things Someday list
Make a list of 20 things I like about myself
Make a list of 50 places I'd like to visit in my lifetime
Make a list of 50 quotes that I love
Make a list of what I'm looking for/what is important to me in a relationship
Write a list of 101 things I've already achieved
Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days

UC Davis and Chi Omega
Complete my Senior Year bucket list
Declare my double major
Find all the statues in Davis and take photos with them
Get an A in a class
Get UC Davis tube socks
Go to 5 exchanges before I graduate
Go to Gunruck Pub on campus
Go to the bars in Davis
Graduate from UC Davis
Have a picnic in the Arboretum
Make a Chi Omega t-shirt quilt
Make a Senior Year bucket list
Make a Wild Things family tree
Make fleece blankets for my Chi Omega line
Make it through all of Recruitment
Make up-to-date family trees for my chapter's families
Officially change my major
Participate in Derby Days with Chi Omega
Participate in Pajamarino
Participate in the Undie Run
Play hide-and-seek in the Death Star
Raise my GPA
See something at the Mondavi Centre
Send my Little a "Care Package"
Take a class involving sketching
Take a Little in Chi Omega (CHI O Week and Revealing)
Take a picture with all 7 eggheads
Take an art class
Take photos at 15 Chi Omega houses

Just for Fun
Build a gingerbread house
Buy fresh flowers every 2 weeks (during Spring quarter)
Buy a lottery ticket
Create a "Wall of Fun"
Dance in an elevator
Do a Colour Run
Do a scavenger hunt with friends
Drink legally in Canada
Drive an ATV on my own
Gamble in a casino
Get a Henna tattoo
Give money to a street musician
Go apple picking
Go clubbing
Go out drinking with my cousins
Go paint balling
Go roller-skating (in 80's attire)
Go skydiving
Go to a driving range
Go to an SF Giants game with my friends
Go to a salsa dancing class
Go to a shooting range and fire a gun
Have a silly string fight
Have my fortune told
Host a dinner party
Host a games night
Host a tea party
Hug a tree
Learn how to drive stick shift
Learn how to change a tire
Make a chalk mural
Make a spring break playlist
Participate in a giant water-balloon fight
Play hide-and-seek in Ikea with friends
Play True American
Send 5 postcards via
Send a letter each day for a month
Spend the day at the zoo
Throw a Fourth of July party
Write a hand-written letter to someone
Write a message in a public bathroom

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